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Searches of the register may be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Section 28 of the Charities Act.

Limitation on the use of email addresses

The publication of email addresses on the Charities Register does not constitute deemed consent for the purposes of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (which prohibits spam, or unsolicited commercial electronic messages).

You must not use this search function or the Charities Register to obtain email addresses of charities for the purposes of marketing or promoting goods or services, even where those goods or services are provided for free or at a reduced price.

For more information, see our blog on the subject or visit the Department of Internal Affairs' anti-spam webpages.

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Charity Name

If you are searching for a charity by name, use the drop down menu to choose 'Begins with', 'Contains' or 'Equal to'.

'Begins with' means you must enter at least the first three letters of the charity's name.

'Contains' means you can enter any words that the charity contains.

'Equal to' means you must enter the actual name of the charity.

Registration Number

You must enter the charity's complete registration number.  If you wish to search for a charity that has asked you for support, you might find the registration number on the charity's promotional material, or you can contact them and ask for it.  You can also request it if the charity asks you for support.

Street Address

If you search by street address, you must specify a Town/City. You also have to search with at least one other search term – name, sector, activities, beneficiaries or officer details.

NZBN Number

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a globally unique identifier for all Kiwi businesses. The NZBN does not replace a Charity's registration number. Learn more about NZBN's at

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Street address

Officer Search

Enter the name of an officer of the charity you are looking for.  You will get a list of officers and their charities to choose from.

Officer Search

If you are searching for an officer that is a body corporate, you can search using 'Begins with', 'Contains' or 'Equal to'.

Officer Search

Please select which type of Officer you wish to search for: