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Charity Summary

Charity Details

Tauranga Community Housing Trust

Registration details

December 31

Address for service

PO Box 13316
Tauranga Central
50 Devonport Road
Tauranga 3110
Tauranga South

Charity's other details

07 571 5390

Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

To advocate, facilitate and provide housing and related services to: - Individuals and whanau on low fixed incomes - People with unmet housing needs - with a specialist focus on disability and older people, including accessible housing

Note: The main sectors, activities and beneficiaries are bolded.

Provides services (e.g. care / counselling)

Provides advice / information / advocacy, Provides buildings / facilities / open space, Housing related services

Accommodation / housing

Community development, Social services, People with disabilities, Housing - provision of housing and housing related services

Other (please state)

(People on low incomes with a serious housing need), Older people, People with disabilities

Entity Structure

Charitable trust established in 2003 in response to the lack of suitable, affordable housing options in the Western Bay of Plenty. Since establishing TCHT has broadened client base and geographical area. In 2015 TCHT became a registered community housing provider with the Community Housing Regulatory Authority.

Annual Returns

Annual Returns are due within 6 months of a charity’s balance date (financial year-end), or a longer period if an extension has been granted.

For Year Ended Due Date Date Submitted Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements Annual Return Summary
31/12/2023 30/06/2024 - - - To be filed To be filed
31/12/2022 30/06/2023 28/04/2023 $5,696,700 $4,270,398 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2021 30/06/2022 2/05/2022 $5,768,838 $4,056,097 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2020 30/06/2021 12/05/2021 $3,690,065 $3,154,523 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2019 30/06/2020 29/04/2020 $3,551,538 $2,948,398 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2018 30/06/2019 29/05/2019 $3,334,645 $2,821,235 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2017 30/06/2018 29/05/2018 $2,255,007 $1,863,630 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2016 30/06/2017 14/06/2017 $2,081,010 $1,195,123 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2015 30/06/2016 14/06/2016 $899,792 $807,623 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2014 30/06/2015 23/06/2015 $2,458,324 $602,222 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
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Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Anthony Marsden Trustee 21/03/2022
Neil Cudby Trustee 18/10/2021
Terese Marie James Chair 21/04/2020
Trevor William Knyvett Treasurer 15/10/2019
Dylan Barrett Deputy Chair 30/10/2015
Catherine Denise Cosgriff Trustee 6/05/2008

Past Officers

Officer Name Position Past Since
Josephine Gravit Trustee 28/11/2022
Russell Hunter Trustee 19/04/2022
Alastair Brownlee Trustee 19/04/2021
Katrina Hulsebosch Trustee 19/04/2021
Graham James Mallett Trustee 21/04/2020
Alan Tate Trustee 4/05/2017
Peter Gibson Trustee 30/10/2015
Antony Wellacott Trustee 28/10/2014
Angela Robin Buck Trustee 22/10/2014
Shayne Michael Collins Trustee 20/04/2013
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Charity Updates

Here is a list of all the details changed by the charity, for example adding or removing officers, amending rules, changing balance dates or updating address details.
Date Created Reference View Summary (.pdf <1MB)
20/05/2022 NOC027
29/04/2022 NOC025
31/03/2022 NOC024
6/10/2021 NOC023
23/04/2020 NOC020
21/11/2019 NOC019
11/04/2019 NOC017
29/05/2018 NOC015
13/12/2017 NOC013
23/02/2017 NOC011
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Charity Documents

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