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Charity Summary

Charity Details

Te Aroha Kanarahi Trust
Te Puna Manaaki a Ruataupare

Registration details

June 30

Address for service

PO Box 22061
Hicks Bay
141 Onepoto Road
Hicks Bay 4054
Hicks Bay

Charity's other details

021 2336545
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Te Puna Mannaki a Ruataupare

Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

Te Aroha Kanarihi Trust's purpose is to support educational, cultural, healthy, economic development of the communities and hapū of the Matakaoa region in the Northern East Cape.

Note: The main sectors, activities and beneficiaries are bolded.

Provides services (e.g. care / counselling)

Acts as an umbrella / resource body, Provides advice / information / advocacy, Provides human resources (e.g. staff / volunteers), Provides buildings / facilities / open space, Adult education

Community development

Education / training / research, Social services, Employment, Economic development, Adult education

Family / whanau

Children / young people, Other charities, Older people, People with disabilities, People of a certain ethnic / racial origin, General public, Tangata Whenua

Entity Structure

The structure for the entity is Trustees for the governance of the trust and they are responsible for policy and strategic planning. Then there is the operational management committee who look after the day to day running of the trust.

Annual Returns

Annual Returns are due within 6 months of a charity’s balance date (financial year-end), or a longer period if an extension has been granted.


This charity has been granted an exemption from filing an annual return by 31 December 2008 under Section 43 of the Charities Act 2005. The first annual return is due by 31 December 2009.

Due Date Date Submitted Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements Annual Return Summary
31/12/2021 30/12/2021 $406,863 $368,992
31/12/2020 13/05/2021 $412,721 $422,082
31/12/2019 22/04/2021 $468,784 $383,857
31/12/2018 8/09/2019 $247,231 $231,957
31/12/2017 17/02/2019 $229,079 $217,467
31/12/2016 16/03/2017 $233,785 $219,872
31/12/2015 13/03/2017 $289,830 $259,352
31/12/2014 29/01/2015 $101,672 $94,353
31/12/2013 28/11/2013 $52,885 $90,356
31/12/2012 11/12/2012 $160,169 $136,650

Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Denise Rebecca Kamizona Trustee 16/07/2022
Arlouise Brooking Trustee 31/03/2022
Tawhai Henry Hira Kururangi Trustee 31/03/2022
Pohatu Poutu Trustee 15/03/2017
Shyla-Drew Tarapa Trustee Chairperson 22/11/2016
Caron Taana Trustee 18/12/2014
Ani Pahuru-Huriwai Trustee 4/11/2012

Past Officers

Officer Name Position Past Since
AngeLee Brown Trustee 31/03/2022
Varnya Lee Subritzky Trustee 31/03/2022
Josephine Miria Pahuru Financial Manager/ Trustee 23/02/2019
Kingston Henry Cooper Trustee 22/11/2016
Lloyd Lawson Trustee 22/11/2016
Judith Watson Trustee 13/07/2014
Anarutotorewa Tipua Kupenga Trustee 4/11/2012
Hinemaurea Reedy Committee Member/ Trustee 4/11/2012
Raunikau Rose Pahuru Trustee 4/11/2012
Raunikau Rose Stainton Trustee 4/11/2012

Charity Updates

Here is a list of all the details changed by the charity, for example adding or removing officers, amending rules, changing balance dates or updating address details.
Date Created Reference View Summary (.pdf <1MB)
16/07/2022 NOC013
28/11/2013 NOC006
11/12/2012 AR005
31/08/2011 NOC002
9/05/2011 AR003
9/01/2010 AR002

Charity Documents