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Trinity South Christchurch Incorporated
Trinity South Christchurch

Registration details

December 31

Address for service

PO Box 33187
10 Indira Lane

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Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

The purposes of the Church are to: 1. Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed through the Holy Scriptures, and all that accords with sound doctrine; 2. Teach only the doctrine and interpretation of the Christian faith as found in the Holy Scriptures and expressed in: 2.1. The 39 Articles of Religion; 2.2. The Book of Common Prayer (1662); 2.3. The Form and Manner of Making, Ordaining, and Consecrating Bishops, Priests, and Deacons (“The Ordinal”); 2.4. The Jerusalem Declaration (2008); 3. To rightly administer the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper; 4. To disciple Members to grow in faith and godly living by providing loving pastoral care of Members which on occasion may include discipline with a view to restoration. 5. To organise weekly worship; and to pray for the church and world. 6. To know Jesus and make Him known. 7. Do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.

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Entity Structure

The church is governed by the Regulations of The Rules of Trinity South Christchurch Incorporated. Operational Structure: The Vestry; consisting of the clergy licensed for work in the church, the two Churchwardens, and not less than three nor more than fifteen members elected yearly by the members, is responsible for the operations of the church. Appointment of one of the wardens is made by the senior minister and the other is elected yearly by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Annual Returns

Annual Returns are due within 6 months of a charity’s balance date (financial year-end), or a longer period if an extension has been granted.

Due Date Date Submitted Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements Annual Return Summary
30/06/2023 - - - To be filed To be filed
30/06/2022 20/06/2022 $756,641 $338,171
30/06/2021 28/06/2021 $446,571 $343,623
31/07/2020 30/06/2020 $391,626 $264,669
30/06/2019 11/06/2019 $139,165 $59,266

Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Timothy Wilson Church Warden 25/03/2019
Dave Clancey Senior Minister 26/08/2018
John McKie Church Warden 26/08/2018

Past Officers

Officer Name Position Past Since
Nicholas Cook Church Warden 25/03/2019

Charity Updates

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Date Created Reference View Summary (.pdf <1MB)
17/08/2020 NOC006
15/01/2020 NOC004
30/03/2019 NOC002
30/01/2019 NOC001

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