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Multiple Sclerosis Auckland Incorporated
Multiple Sclerosis Auckland

Registration details

December 31

Name change history

Name Effective Date
The Multiple Sclerosis Society Of Auckland (Incorporated) 16/08/2007
The Multiple Sclerosis Society Of Auckland And The North Shore Incorporated 27/10/2007
Multiple Sclerosis Auckland Incorporated 7/05/2019

Address for service

PO Box 33574
5 The Strand

Charity's other details

(09) 845 5921
(09) 845 5923

Organisation with a focus on the following communities:


Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

MS Auckland is a charitable organisation which supports, informs and advocates for Aucklanders living with Multiple Sclerosis. A team of professional MS Community Advisors provide personalised support and guidance to people affected by MS and their whānau. Regular information events and workshops are held in addition to opportunities for peer support. A volunteer Board oversees the work and the direction of MS Auckland.

Note: The main sectors, activities and beneficiaries are bolded.

Provides advice / information / advocacy

Sponsors / undertakes research, Provides services (e.g. care / counselling), Provides human resources (e.g. staff / volunteers)

Social services

Education / training / research, Health, Fund-raising, People with disabilities, Promotion of volunteering

People with disabilities

Children / young people, Older people, Family / whanau

Entity Structure

Multiple Sclerosis Auckland is an Incorporated Society governed by a Board. The Rules specify that the Board is to be comprised of the officers of the Society comprising the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer together with up to eight further Board members and the General Manager of the Society (ex officio) of which it is desirable that 50% be people with Multiple Sclerosis or their carers.

Entities your charity controls

Name CC Registration Number
Multiple Sclerosis Auckland Trust CC43945

Annual Returns

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For Year Ended Due Date Date Submitted Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements Annual Return Summary
31/12/2023 30/06/2024 22/04/2024 $749,133 $669,247 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2022 30/06/2023 18/04/2023 $672,530 $550,164 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2021 30/06/2022 22/04/2022 $876,797 $513,413 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2020 30/06/2021 21/04/2021 $1,813,556 $532,680 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2019 30/06/2020 29/04/2020 $982,110 $586,383 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2018 30/06/2019 24/04/2019 $604,641 $544,945 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2017 30/06/2018 3/05/2018 $951,593 $643,315 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2016 30/06/2017 3/05/2017 $745,091 $666,176 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2015 30/06/2016 27/04/2016 $686,081 $734,815 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/12/2014 30/06/2015 11/05/2015 $725,063 $683,765 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
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Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Emily Howard Board Member 16/04/2024
Geno Sisneros Secretary 16/04/2024
Shona Hatton Board Member 16/04/2024
Sandra Whitehead Board Member 18/04/2023
Stana Pezic Board Member 18/04/2023
Kevin Miller Board Member 19/04/2022
Nicola Bitossi General Manager 6/09/2021
Maxine Pitch Vice President 9/04/2019
Donald Madden Bowie Vice President 11/04/2018
Jan Patricia Hollway President 11/04/2018
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Past Officers

Officer Name Position Past Since
Adam Bouman Secretary 18/04/2023
Maureen Wood Board Member 18/04/2023
Michael Dashwood Board Member 18/04/2023
Jaci Stevenson Board Member 19/04/2022
Peter Tutty Board Member 19/04/2022
Rupinder Singh Board Member 19/04/2022
Ingrid Minett General Manager 1/06/2021
Julie Adams Board Member 20/04/2021
Louise Reed Board Member 20/04/2021
Robert Irving Board Member 20/04/2021
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Charity Updates

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14/05/2024 NOC033
23/04/2024 NOC032
23/03/2022 NOC028
17/02/2022 NOC027
29/06/2020 NOC025
10/02/2020 NOC023
13/05/2019 NOC022
27/04/2016 NOC017
26/01/2016 NOC016
11/05/2015 NOC015
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Charity Documents

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