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BirdCare Aotearoa

Registration details

June 30
Name change history
Name Effective Date
New Zealand Bird Rescue Charitable Trust 30/01/2009
BirdCare Aotearoa 19/07/2022

Address for service

74 Avonleigh Road
Green Bay

Charity's other details

027 8169219
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Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

BirdCare Aotearoa is a dedicated wild bird rehabilitation facility responding to avian casualties, primarily, in the Auckland region and aiding with technical and educational support to all rehabilitation facilities and wildlife agencies in NZ. Avian patients are admitted because they are sick, orphaned or injured. Each bird is examined by a member of the clinical team, its care and rehabilitation planned to ensure professional, science-based rehabilitation and appropriate nutritional support to ensure its recovery. The goal is to release all healthy and fully recovered birds back to the wild.

Note: The main sectors, activities and beneficiaries are bolded.

Provides services (e.g. care / counselling)

Rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick and inferred bird life.

Care / protection of animals

Education / training / research, Environment / conservation


General public

Entity Structure

Trustees, staff and volunteers. There are a team of Trustees, a General Manager position, Supervising Veterinarian, Avian Hospital Managers, Avian Rehabilitators, Administration Manager, Fundraising, Volunteer and Research Coordinators. Seasonal Avian Nursery Rehabilitators are employed from October to March. Volunteer support is provided by around 80 team members & community groups.

Annual Returns

Annual Returns are due within 6 months of a charity’s balance date (financial year-end), or a longer period if an extension has been granted.


The first annual return due on the 30/09/2009 will cover less than six months after the charity is registered. For this reason the charity should be granted an exemption to filling their first annual return under s41 (1), and the first annual return will be due by the 30/09/2010.

Due Date Date Submitted Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements Annual Return Summary
31/12/2023 - - - To be filed To be filed
30/09/2022 9/12/2022 $540,929 $704,740
30/09/2021 13/07/2021 $533,129 $571,394
30/09/2020 2/09/2020 $174,246 $551,040
30/09/2019 19/04/2020 $131,604 $434,276
30/09/2018 4/03/2019 $204,248 $358,749
30/09/2017 18/10/2018 $229,445 $196,766
30/09/2016 28/11/2016 $147,301 $110,327
30/09/2015 10/11/2015 $193,753 $157,271
30/09/2014 25/09/2014 $151,132 $151,501
= Balance Date Change
- This annual return will cover 15 months from 1 April 2022 - 30 June 2023.

Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Raewyn Mary Stone Trustee 16/08/2023
Julia Anna Schimmel Trustee 26/07/2023
Paul Angus Stephenson Trustee 26/07/2023
Kevin Charles Ferguson Chair 17/07/2023

Past Officers

Officer Name Position Past Since
Caroline Lesley Elvy Trustee 17/07/2023
Christopher Roland Ferkins Trustee 17/07/2023
Daniel James Higgins Trustee 17/07/2023
Jill Lisbeth Somerfield Chair 6/07/2023
Sarah Anne Mansell Trustee 6/07/2023
James Charles Russell Trustee 31/12/2022
Gillian Ruth Vaughan Trustee 25/10/2022
Lorne George Roberts Trustee 31/01/2022
Alice Joyce Worsley Trustee 31/12/2021
Janice Patricia Avey Chair 8/07/2021

Charity Updates

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Date Created Reference View Summary (.pdf <1MB)
20/08/2023 NOC043
26/07/2023 NOC042
17/07/2023 NOC041
7/07/2023 NOC040
6/07/2023 NOC039
27/06/2023 NOC038
27/06/2023 NOC037
9/06/2023 NOC036
9/06/2023 NOC035
6/01/2023 NOC034

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