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Te Aroha Dramatic Society Incorporated
Te Aroha Little Theatre

Registration details

January 31

Registration history

Registration Action Date effective Deregistration Reason
Registered 14/03/2020
De-registered 27/03/2019 This entity was removed from the Charities Register under section 32(1)(b) of the Charities Act because it failed to file Annual Returns as required by section 41 of the Charities Act.
Registered 9/10/2012

Address for service

8 Honi Street
Te Aroha

Charity's other details


Organisation with a focus on the following communities:


Purpose & Structure

Charitable Purpose

The purpose of the entity is to provide theatrical facilities for the use of the public and provide live theatre to the Te Aroha and neighbouring towns and communities. The Society also owns and operates Radio Te Aroha 88FM, Te Aroha's community radio station that provides free radio advertising for local charities, clubs, schools and their events.

Note: The main sectors, activities and beneficiaries are bolded.

Provides buildings / facilities / open space

Arts / culture / heritage

General public

Entity Structure

The Te Aroha Little Theatre is run by a Committee voted in at the entity's AGM held in March each year. The Committee administer the running of the theatre with appointed Directors approaching it regarding putting on a live play or pantomime. The structure of the Committee is: - President - Two Vice-Presidents - Treasurer - Secretary - Up to nine Committee members

Annual Returns

Annual Returns are due within 6 months of a charity’s balance date (financial year-end), or a longer period if an extension has been granted.

For Year Ended Due Date Date Submitted Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements Annual Return Summary
31/01/2024 31/07/2024 - - - To be filed To be filed
31/01/2023 31/07/2023 6/05/2023 $25,352 $22,492 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/01/2022 31/07/2022 18/05/2022 $18,735 $24,645 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/01/2021 31/07/2021 27/04/2021 $15,205 $17,978 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/01/2017 31/07/2017 11/03/2019 $31,396 $32,124 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/01/2016 31/07/2016 28/08/2016 $24,557 $24,607 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/01/2015 31/07/2015 25/08/2015 $25,329 $27,588 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/01/2014 31/07/2014 13/03/2014 $33,926 $33,338 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif
31/01/2013 31/07/2013 26/06/2013 $26,193 $25,419 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif

Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Daniel Morgan jones Committee Member 14/03/2023
Michelle Frances Walton Committee Member 14/03/2023
Cheryl Rose Howells Committee Member 10/05/2022
Annette Barbara Plumpton Vice-President 12/03/2019
Marilyn Hardie Committee member 12/03/2019
Ian Harrop President 13/03/2018
Jocelyn Muriel Legg Secretary 13/03/2018
John Alfred Watson Vice-President 13/03/2018
Eileen Joyce Committee member 8/03/2016
Murray Wayne Whittaker Treasurer 19/03/2015
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Past Officers

Officer Name Position Past Since
Helen Clare O'Carroll Committee member 14/03/2023
Keith Alexander Ainsworth Committee Member 14/03/2023
Paul Ferguson Vice President 14/03/2023
Paul Power Committee member 14/03/2023
John Edward Remfry Committee Member 6/10/2021
Brian Sheehan Committee member 8/03/2021
Marilyn Nona Barclay Committee member 8/03/2021
Phillip Murray Legg Committee member 13/10/2020
Eileen Joyce Secretary 31/03/2017
Jocelyn Muriel Legg Secretary 22/03/2017
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Charity Updates

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Date Created Reference View Summary (.pdf <1MB)
10/05/2023 NOC006
29/08/2016 NOC001

Charity Documents

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