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Auckland Home Birth Association
Auckland HomeBirth Community

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March 31

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24 Enderby Drive
Te Atatu Peninsula

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Charitable Purpose

Supporting birthing at home as a safe, empowering and valid choice for most pregnant people through: advocating for home birth as the primary place of birth; supporting and empowering pregnant people and whanau in their choice; providing education, information, meetings and events on home birth; working with maternity care providers to support home birth.

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Family / whanau

Entity Structure

Auckland Home Birth Association was first established in 1978 and has gone through several incarnations since. We are a small, dedicated group of volunteer trustees committed to the kaupapa of home birth and working with the home birth community. We work with and support pregnant people, whānau, partners, maternity care providers, and other home birth organisations around Aotearoa. We are affiliated with the national home birth body, Home Birth Aotearoa Trust, but are self-governing.

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Due Date Date Submitted Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements Annual Return Summary
30/09/2023 5/10/2023 $5,501 $694

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Officer Name Position Effective Date
Holly Neilson Trustee 30/10/2022
Rose Fisher Trustee 30/10/2022
Sophie Moskowitz Trustee 30/10/2022

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