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Money Managed Smarter

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March 31

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3 Harry Human Heights
Saint Johns

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Organisation with a focus on the following communities:


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Charitable Purpose

Providing financial literacy education to persons in New Zealand who have limited or no understanding of their finances and providing programs and workshops that assist people to become less reliant on debt and improve their financial well-being.

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Entity Structure

Charitable Trust governed by Trustees.

Annual Returns

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For Year Ended Due Date Date Submitted Total Income Total Expenditure Financial Statements Annual Return Summary
31/03/2024 30/09/2024 - - - To be filed To be filed
31/03/2023 30/09/2023 28/09/2023 $0 $0 load annual return's financial documents spinner gif

Officer Details


Officer Name Position Effective Date
Helen Mary Hailwood Trustee 16/12/2022
Dietmar Sitani Dyck Trustee 14/12/2022
Timothy Paul Symons Trustee 14/12/2022

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